What's a Cyber Score

We know that cybersecurity can feel complex. That’s why it’s our mission to simplify cyber security for small businesses. Learn what goes into a Cyber Score and how it can help keep you on track to cyber hygiene.

Breaking down Cyber Security

Into 4 simple pillars

Email Security
Website Security
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Learn What a Cyber Score is
Network Security
Office Security
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Guide Your IT Team

Use your Cyber Score as a roadmap so your internal IT team knows where to spend their time. Working with a Managed Service Provider? Double check their work 💯

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Get Bang for your Buck

Cyber security can be an expensive objective if you don't know where your weaknesses are. Compare your Score against similar businesses to know where to spend to get the best return.

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Tell your Customers!

Data privacy & cyber security are your differentiating factors! When your customers know you take their privacy seriously, they will love you for it. Your Score is your strength 💪

How do you get a

Cyber Score?

Get your free Cyber Score Card now

(Instant check-up to find the low hanging fruit)

Take action from your cyber report

(The Detailed MRI to find all your pain paints)

Cyber Score Card Sample
Cyber Score Sensor
Sample Cyber Report

Plug in your Cyber Sensor

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See your score instantly

Get your FREE Cyber Score and see what it can do for you!

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See how you compare

Want to see how your Score compares to other businesses in your area? To your competitors? To your industry? Check out the map below. Improve your score and then use that to your advantage 💪 Tell your customers how good you are. Make your competitors jealous and earn the respect of your industry.

Get an IT Provider to boost your Score

A trusted Managed Service Provider (MSP) can take the pain out of cybersecurity. Find a partner that can keep you secure while you focus on growing your business.
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