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Iceberg Upselling Email Scripts
Email Scripts

Copy & Paste email scripts that show your clients you have new ways to protect them. Set expectations and remind them what security risks they aren’t paying you to cover.

Cyber Score & Cyber Report
Unlimited Cyber Scores & 24h Cyber Reports

Use the instant Cyber Score to bring attention to their external risks then offer a free Cyber Report to show them how much better they will be with your Managed Security package.

Iceberg Sensor Kit
Cyber Prospecting Kit

Stop charging clients for risk assessments. You want to tell them what’s wrong FOR FREE so they’ll pay you to make it better. With your Iceberg Sensor, you can run as many assessments as you want!

Are you ready to see this in action?

How do you get a client to care about

Cyber Security?

Show them their Cyber Score Card

(Instant check-up to find the low hanging fruit)

Show them all their unmanaged cyber risk

(The Detailed MRI to find all their pain paints)

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Cyber Score Sensor
Sample Cyber Report

Run a 24hr Cyber Risk Assessment

Are You Ready to start using cyber to upsell?

Get your hands on the simple 3-step system that is helping other MSPs add $30k in new contracts in their first month!

Breaking down Cyber Security

Into 4 simple pillars

Email Security
Website Security
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Learn What a Cyber Score is
Network Security
Office Security
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Get paid for protecting your clients the way you know they should be

Learn the ways to show them it's worth the money to protect their single greatest investment: their business!