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We know that cybersecurity can feel complex. That’s why it’s our mission to simplify cyber security for small businesses.
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About Us

Our Mission

At The Cyber Score, we’re pioneering the cyber version of a credit score for small businesses. With 90% of cyber crime being preventable, a little effort in cyber hygiene can go a long way in preventing pain. Cyber Scores empower business owners to understand how well they’re secured and show them practical steps to improve. Our 24/7 Cyber Monitoring helps you stay on top of cyber security and makes sure you invest in IT only where it’s needed. That’s cyber simplified.
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Meet the team

Our strength lies in the diverse and talented team that stands behind our mission. The Cyber Score team is composed of passionate IT professionals, each bringing their unique skills and experiences to provide top-notch security solutions for our clients.

Collaborating seamlessly, our crew works tirelessly to ensure your business remains secure in an ever-changing digital landscape. From security analysts to consultants, each member of our team plays a crucial role in delivering comprehensive and cost-effective cybersecurity services.

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